Boris Johnson is the Future Prime Minister of Ukraine

Boris Johnson is the Future Prime Minister of Ukraine

Boris Johnson announced on July 7, 2022 his resignation from the chair of the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the head of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom.

The main candidates for his replacement are Ben Wallace (Prime Minister of Defense of Great Britain) and Liz Truss (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom).

Boris Johnson's resignation: 'It's the breaks' - PM talks about pain, blames 'herd' for his removal.

Boris Johnson has said publicly he is standing down as leader of the Conservative Party and will step down as prime minister later this year as he lamented being kicked out of the top ten but insisted: "It's a break".

Speaking in Downing Street, Mr. Johnson said, “It is clear that now the parliamentary Conservative Party is going to have a new leader of that party and therefore a new Prime Minister.

"I have agreed with Sir Graham Brady, the leader of our backbench parliamentarians, that the process to choose a new leader should start now, with a timetable to be announced next week, and I have today appointed a cabinet to take over until the new leader arrives in place".

Johnson said it's "painful" that he won't be able to "see so many ideas and projects on his own."

He suggested he sees himself as a victim of Westminster's "herd" mentality, as he said, "As we've seen in Westminster, the herding instinct is strong and when the herd moves, it moves, and my friends in politics, no one is indispensable.”

Mr. Johnson said he was leaving "the best job in the world" but "it's a break".

Johnson will definitely remain in office until October. Therefore, there is no need to worry about Britain. Support for Ukraine will not decrease.

In order for everybody who has doubts about the reasons for this action or their consequences to understand what is happening now in the Parliament of Great Britain, let's explain a little.

Everyone remembers how at the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, property of Russian oligarchs began to be seized in England: realty, warehouses in banks, yachts – everything. In the first days, everyone was not very worried, because they believed that they would "take Kyiv in three days", and then everything would return to the owners through the courts. But the time ticked by, Ukraine heroically resisted the enemies, so there are still no backgrounds for the success of the "special operation". In connection with this, the oligarchs began to look for solutions to their problems.

Rumours were in the air, that some of them were ready to give away part of their fortunes and looking for mediators to lift sanctions and return arrested property have become audible. However, everyone knows that when there is an offer to bypass the "crazy" Boris, there will be a demand. Such intermediaries were found.


Corruption of media representatives resulted in the appearance in the press of "old sins" of Boris: dancing, wine and other things. It was lead to a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister on June 6, but it did not result in anything useful for the opponents. Intermediaries earned, oligarchs lost, but they did not get the result. Whether this is a scheme for additional trolling of the Russians, we cannot say, but it is very similar. The so-called English humor. The second proposal appeared, "Let’s bribe half of the ministers, they will resign and will the parliament will collapse?" Again, the intermediary collected the "lards" and began "work". As a result, 12 ministers resigned immediately. However, these ministers had little influence on foreign policy. They were responsible for sports, tourism and similar internal issues. Under Boris, the minister of defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence remained. The position of Great Britain on sanctions and the war in Ukraine did not change. Therefore, money was collected from Russian oligarchs again, but there was no result.

It is assumed that this intermediary could be Abramovich, and the sale of FC "Chelsea" was a distraction and suspect colleagues of interest. Everyone earns as they can. He was the only one who did not fall under almost any of the sanctions.


Therefore, all this "release" of Boris Johnson is very similar to a performance for a single audience - Russia. As Peskov stated, the prime minister does not like the leadership of Russia, and they do not like him. But Peskov could not answer the question of how the position of Great Britain will change after the release of Boris Johnson.

Take the liberty we predict: Great Britain will continue to support Ukraine in the fight against the hostile invasion of Russia, and Boris will come to Kyiv in the fall of this year and take over the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. Because Boris is not only an honorary citizen of Odesa and a sincere friend of the Ukrainian people, but he also has a Ukrainian-English accent.