Armed Forces of Ukraine Left Lysychansk- General Staff

Armed Forces of Ukraine Left Lysychansk- General Staff

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially announced on its Facebook page that the defense forces of Ukraine withdrew from the city Lysychansk in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region.

The General Staff reported:

Part of society will see this as yet another betrayal. Because we must realize that, such measures are forced. Because the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not the army of Russian Federation, which does not take care of about people’s lives and which uses the strategy as “throwing meat”.

However, it is necessary to take into account the significant amount of manpower and invaders’ equipment. Lisichansk was under constant artillery fire more than 100 days, even when the Armed Forces courageously held Severodonetsk. After the fall of Toshkivka in June, the dynamics at the front changed. It was a very important outpost, which greatly complicated the situation at the front and difficult decisions had to be taken.

“The second phase Battle of the Donbas” was announced in April, however, taking into account the quantitative superiority of the occupants in everything, their pace in the east does not stand out at a high speed, thanks to the incredible resistance of our soldiers.

Ukraine will definitely return all occupied territories.

The main thing is to believe and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine!