Xbox Series X – the same console of the new generation


The Game Awards 2019 will go down in history where Microsoft unveiled its next-generation console, which will replace the Xbox One and X. The new product, formerly codenamed Project Scarlett, is called the Xbox Series X.

By the way, gamers have dubbed the Xbox SeX console. She has an unconventional vertical design. The console is made in the style of a black monolith and is somewhat reminiscent of a fashionable PC system unit with a ventilation grill at the top of the tower. True, you can put the Xbox Series X, not only vertically, but also horizontally.

The console is based on specially developed AMD processors, high-speed GDDR6 RAM and a new generation solid-state drive (SSD).

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer also revealed some details about SeX graphics performance. It will be 8 times more powerful than on the Xbox One and 200% than on the Xbox One X. All this will not support 4K, but 8K resolution. In particular, the new Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 trailer was created on this console. In addition, they promise that the console will be as quiet as possible.

The Xbox Series X goes on sale for the 2020 Christmas holidays.