Why did sleeping capsules appear in the center of Kiev


In the network of creative spaces, sleeping capsules appeared. This was announced by the founder of the network, Ilya Kenigstein. Capsules can now be booked using the application, which so far (like the capsules themselves) is available only to Creative States residents. Capsules are located in the Gulliver Business Center on the 29th floor.

The minimum time for which you can book a capsule is an hour. In addition, overnight reservations are available. The cost of one hour is $ 10.

After armoring the capsule, the client receives a set of linen, a remote control from the TV and a card that activates the capsule. Subsequently, users are promised to give earplugs, headphones, toothpaste and brush.

The capsule closes from the inside. It can watch TV or Netflix channel. Inside there is a safe for valuables. There is a shower room and a kitchen nearby. Fresh air enters the capsule.