Who is really the deputy Sobolev and why they attempted him. Exclusive


The story of the attempt on the deputy Vyacheslav Sobolev and the tragic death of his 3-year-old son in the center of Kiev, spread not only throughout Ukraine, but also disturbed people outside it. After the incident, many media outlets became interested in the politician’s personality, they tried to figure out who he was and for what matters the reprisal awaited him. The editors of OneNews conducted their own analytical investigation, which led to shocking results.
The deputy of the Kiev Regional Council from the party “Solidarity”, 47-year-old Vyacheslav Sobolev, moved to the capital from the city of Enakievo, Donetsk region. In addition to the state duty, he is also engaged in entrepreneurial activities, the Obzhora supermarket chain in the DPR, which, according to him, worked until 2014, and the Mario restaurant in Kiev.
Our editorial office got access to documents in which Evgenia Pavlovna Burgun, in a statement about the crime, tells the former SBU General Gritsak and former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Lutsenko in detail about the criminal activities of her boss Vyacheslav Sobolev.
From 2006 to July 2017, Burgun worked as the general director of TM “Glutton”, which operated mainly in the Donetsk region. In 2007, Sobolev ceased to formally own a supermarket chain in connection with taking a position in the civil service. But, as the woman writes in the statement, continued the actual leadership making profit from the stores. All important leadership issues were accepted by Sobolev, and communicated either in person or through Murtazina Elena Karimovna.
In May 2014, the creation of a self-proclaimed DPR was announced, all firms lost their status and ceased to operate, but not Obzhora and other Sobolev enterprises. With a personal connection via an instant messenger on the Internet, the deputy informed Evgenia Burgun that he was not going to give up profits.
“Sobolev V.O. said that he has very good relations with high-ranking people of the DPR and the Russian Federation and he can easily agree on everything,” Burgun wrote in a statement.
He instructed Evgenia Pavlovna “to do everything necessary” to ensure the further work of the Glutton and to continue to manage stores. For her work, he offered her 30% of the earnings, and 70% to transfer to him.
Sobolev also agreed with the TM Brusnichka regarding the rental of 15 premises in which he placed the network of his Avoska supermarkets. These stores were formed in Yugtekhlogistic LLC. He also owns the restaurants “BarBosco”, “Boulevard” and “SoriBabushka”. All these enterprises are located on the territory of the DPR. In addition, he is the actual owner of a number of enterprises.
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According to Evgenia Bugrun, in 2014, Vyacheslav Sobolev instructed her to send all the financial statements to Murtazina, and she would later contact him.
Monthly, the Glutton accountants counted the money, which was then paid in the form of taxes to the DPR budget. These payments were made in Russian rubles to the accounts of the Republican Bank of the DPR, Customs of the DPR, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the DPR and others. After paying all taxes, according to the scheme, the accounting department passed dividends, the driver responsible for the transportation of money to the deputy was Sergey Skachko. He delivered the money to the Mario restaurant, which is located in the center of Kiev on Leo Tolstoy, where the attempt on Sbolev was committed.
The decision to pay money was made only by the actual owner. Burgun reports that even for some time he did not pay her funds, but she was afraid to take it herself.
“Eugene, think, you have a war, if you disappear, they won’t even look for you,” the woman recalls their conversation with Sobolev.
Elena Murtazina, the financial director of Obzhory, had a chance to feel criminal responsibility for her activities. In 2016, she was detained on charges of financial terrorism. Initially, one case was opened, with a charge against a group of persons, and then, from the existing No. 2206130000000061, a separate case was allocated and opened, only to Murtazina.
“When Murtazinu O.K. we were just arrested in shock, because Sobolev V.O. said that he would solve all issues and would not touch us, ”said Burgun.
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In the document, the former general director said that the detainee had a very difficult situation at home: she did not have a husband, she provided for her young child, mother and grandmother herself. And after she was arrested, her family did not have help and support. So that they could somehow live, Burgun secretly helped them with money.
When all the employees began to be summoned for interrogation, Sobolev threatened them, saying that if someone “surrenders” him, he promises him the maximum term in prison.
“Lena was led into these stories by SBUshnikov, and now she’s sitting from bell to bell,” the deputy Yevgeny Burgun says. “After that, those who had at least the slightest opportunity scattered. Nobody touched me because I was in the DPR, ”she added.
They tried to release Mazutina from criminal responsibility, but to no avail, Sobolev bribed law enforcement officers and a judge, and delivered an ultimatum to the prisoner – until she changes her testimony and says that he has nothing to do with it, she will be released from prison, Bugrun states in a statement.
And after 7 months, the woman “broke down” by giving the deputies Sobolev the necessary evidence, blaming Yevgeny Burgun for everything. According to Evgenia herself, she perfectly understands why Mazutina decided on this – “Sobolev would have created such conditions for her in a pre-trial detention center that she had no other chance to return home to her little daughter.”
She also says that Sobolev was involved in the illegal seizure of a shopping center in Mariupol and, thanks to his connections with Azov, he controls a territory of more than 10 thousand square meters. m2, which was sold in 2015 due to the bankruptcy of TOV Voskhod. In 2016, at the direction of Sobolev, the documents of the Kirov District Court were forged in order to re-register the building in Mariupol. Bugrun found in the DPR three people who for $ 500 US agreed to become the “owners” of the shopping center and sign everything they say. This store also has his Glutton store and he receives money not only from him, but from the entire shopping center. He does not declare taxes and does not pay.
The woman repents of her actions and once again claims that the owner of the “Glutton” is really Sobolev. style= 
After all of the above, it becomes clear that the deputy Vyacheslav Sobolev was not accidentally assassinated, and as he himself states, “there are constant threats.” Sponsoring the development of the unrecognized DNR, ties with Russia, illegal seizure of real estate, bullying of people and financial fraud on an especially large scale led to the death of an innocent 3-year-old child who had to pay his life for the actions of his father, deputy Vyacheslav Sobolev. style=  style= 
Author: Evgenia Krylova