"We are shown here and there": Victory of Ukrainians at the Venice Festival

The Atlantis Ukrainian film has become an absolute winner at the Venice Festival.


Talented Ukrainians do not stop to impress with their victories and achievements: a powerful film about the future victory in the war with Russia impressed and touched everyone who joined the screening. Valentin Vasyanovich, who is at the same time the screenwriter, director, cameraman and co-producer, created an incredible picture in the genre of dystopia and without any drama showed the consequences of the war in the Donbass. A film about the true pain of Ukrainians, not on the surface but deeply in heart, about what to fear and what to fight for. It shows the Donbas in 2025, when the territory became uninhabitable. This can be considered a so-called warning and a call to action.

Atlantis won the Best Picture in Horizons at the 76th Venice Festival. Horizons is a program that runs at the same time with the main competition, but is not the first in importance. This year, 19 full films and 13 short films competed in it. Domestic work has won as the best feature and documentary film that demonstrates new trends in the development of world cinema.