Vatican plans to launch its own server in Minecraft

Vatican plans to launch its own server in Minecraft 

The Vatican has decided to join the gaming community by opening its own server in Minecraft.

Jesuit Robert Ballser previously worked as a technology consultant in Silicon Valley. Once a man felt a call in himself to become a priest. Ballser now uses his technology education and experience to help church leaders communicate with more people. This also applies to gamers.

In the latest issue of Rome Reports, the priest spoke about his intentions to launch the Vatican server in Minecraft. It all started with a survey on Ballser’s Twitter page, where he asked subscribers to choose the first game that the server would receive. Among them were Rust, Ark, Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft. In the end, 64% of users thought it was worth starting with Mojang.

Father Ballser seeks to create a “non-toxic” community of players who love to create and do not insult each other. Also, the server will become a platform where people can meet and make new friends.

The official Vatican has not yet approved the new server, but players can already look at the work of the priest programmer. To connect to the site, you need to run the official Minecraft client and enter “” in the server search.