Utilities along with private traders were engaged in theft of the budget


Officials of Kyivteploenergo and the director of the regional security union, one of the capital’s private security companies, the city prosecutor’s office suspects theft of 1.7 million hryvnias of budget funds. This was written by the press service of the Kiev prosecutor’s office.

During the investigation, which law enforcement authorities carried out in 2019, it was found that the officials of the utility company entered into an agreement with a private security company whose employees were required to monitor the safety of the facilities on the balance of Kyivteploenergo.

According to law enforcement authorities, in the future the company transferred more than UAH 40 million to the accounts of the company. from the city budget. But as the investigation showed, the “Regional Security Union” did not provide services for more than 1.7 million UAH, this information was confirmed by the conclusion of examinations.
The head of this private security company is Roman Vasilyevich Pavlyuk, who, according to his personal information on Facebook, is also the 


Based on the conditions of the signed agreement between the utility company and the security company, private owners had to provide supervision of more than 50 objects, among which there are houses and boiler houses, pumping and heating systems in Kiev.

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According to the TC resource, the staff of the “Regional Security Union” employed employees at the enterprise who were informally employed, were physically unable to provide round-the-clock supervision, and did not have sufficient qualifications. And some objects remained completely unguarded. But despite this, Kyivteploenergo continued to regularly throw off budget payments to the accounts of the enterprise for allegedly completed work.


Officials and private individuals are charged under Part 5 of Art. 191 – embezzlement of property or seizure by abuse of official position, as well as part 2 of article 367 improper performance of official duties by an official through an unfair attitude to them, which entailed grave consequences. This means that the accused faces up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property and a ban on holding state-level posts afterwards.

Now, according to the press service of law enforcement authorities, they continue to conduct a pre-trial investigation, during which they plan to verify the legality of spending the rest of the amount taken from the budget in the amount of UAH 40 million that was allocated to protect Kyivteploenergo facilities.