Turkish archaeologists have found baby bottles that are 4,500 years old


Turkish archaeologists during excavations on the Norik mound in the eastern province of Bingol discovered rare ancient baby bottles dating to 2500 BC.

According to Daily Sabah, the bottles were discovered during the study of the settlement of the early Bronze Age, which existed on the site of the modern village of Murat in the Balkol Solhansky District.

In total, archaeologists have discovered only three of these artifacts. These are clay vessels with narrow noses. The latter helped scientists identify artifacts as baby bottles. The vessels are well preserved. In addition to the spouts they handle.

Archaeologists have reported that ancient bottles could hold between 50 and 150 milliliters of liquid. Similar artifacts were found two years ago in the western province of Canakkale. However, the age of those artifacts was “only” 2,000 years. Bottles found were 2,500 years older. The finds will replenish the collection of the museum of the city of Elazig.

According to the director of this museum, Ziya Kilinch, during the excavations other objects were found around 600, representing different eras (the Middle Byzantine period, the Islamic period, the period of the Urartian civilization, the Iron and Early Bronze Ages).


To date, 124 artifacts have been identified. Among all the finds, baby bottles are among the oldest, which is not surprising, they were found in the lower layer of the mound, to which archaeologists traveled for several years.