Thousands of games removed from Steam online storeа

 Thousands of games removed from Steam online store 

Valve has begun clearing the archives of its Steam online app store.

Basically, these are cheap indie products and others are not very popular games. The number of remote projects has already exceeded 2900.

Interestingly, Reddit users paid attention to the start of the cleanup after they were unable to access the Bloodbath Kavkaz pixel game from Dagestan Technology, which was dedicated to “survival in Moscow at night.”

A Valve spokesman in his statement explained that the reason for the removal of the games was not the complaints, but the abuse of Steamworks by their authors.

“We recently discovered that a group of our partners is abusing certain tools on Steamworks. We have already contacted all those affected, ”a Valve spokesman said.


For many years, Valve has been pressured to strengthen Steam moderation, with more stringent recommendations as to what is acceptable for the service and what isn’t – from fan content to resource eaters. Cleaning certainly looks like a step in that direction.

In addition, Valve may be working on a Stadia-style streaming game service for Steam and require more proper server operation.