The story of the attempted murder of Sergei Mazur – the culprits at large

On October 10, 2018, unknown persons attempted to assassinate the coordinator of the Ukrainian nationalist public organization “C14” Sergey Mazur. The criminals threw a grenade at his house, which is located in Borispol. During the attack, his father and mother were in the room; the activist himself was not at home that night. Then the man’s father suffered serious damage from the grenade rupture and lost a lot of blood.
“About 50 fragments were taken from my father. Now he is in rehabilitation. Doctors say that his condition will be normal, but they said that finally all the fragments will come out for another year and a half, ”said Sergey Mazur himself.
The first to report what happened on his Facebook page was the People’s Deputy of the 8th convocation Igor Lutsenko.
“About an hour ago, an explosive device was thrown into the apartment of my volunteer assistant Sergei Mazur for the organization of Sich. Sergey’s father suffered. He took out the glass of the window. Previously, a grenade or an explosive package, ”the ex-people’s deputy wrote on social networks.
Later, the main version of the attack was the active public activities of the coordinator of the Ukrainian nationalist public organization.
Activists and father of Sergei Mazur did not apply to law enforcement agencies with a request for state protection after the assassination attempt, citing the lack of confidence in the police.
“If the police know where I am, I suspect that it will be easier for the Aunts and forwards to find me,” said Mazur.
On the day of the attack, the police opened criminal proceedings under the article “Attempted murder”, then the activists demanded that the article on the attempt be changed to a “terrorist attack,” but law enforcement officials said that there was evidence for the requalification of the office work.
Almost a month later, in November, police in the Kiev region detained five men who became suspected of assassination. The special operation carried out a special operation: in the middle of the road, they stopped a gray BMW car without numbers in which there was a suspect. In place of the detainee they found a gun, metal pipes, a grenade and a sawn-off shotgun. At a briefing, the police confirmed that it was the very man who committed the crime several weeks ago with his accomplices.
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Detentions Oleg Akimov, once a member of the Azov military service, later became a hired criminal. “Financing is $ 3,000. The reason is the social activity of C14, Sergei Mazur, ”- this was the explanation of the head of the Kiev region police Dmitry Tsenov.
Soon, four more members of the attack group involved in the crime were detained, among them were previously convicted. The relatives of one of the attackers, in the Chernihiv region, discovered a cache of weapons.
“An ammunition caches with a large number of grenades, ammunition and a machine gun were discovered,” said the head of the Kiev region police.
Then the police refused to give information about the customer of the murder to the camera, but claimed that they were on his trail.
Sergei Mazur himself, commenting on the news of the detention of suspects, wrote on his Facebook page: “I’ll first say that it seems that they still committed the attempt.” He also thanked law enforcement officers for the work done.
In November, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of two months of detention by four suspects in the assassination attempt on Sergei Mazur.
One of the detainees was Oleg Akimov, a former “Azovets”, his second friend Andrei Pavlenko, another Rustam Badyanov who allegedly sold a grenade to the performers (he was arrested with the possibility of bail in the amount of 145 thousand hryvnias), the fourth Andrey Virchenko is also the perpetrator of the crime, the fifth person involved Dmitry Isaenko illegal arms dealer.
During the trial from the Svyatoshinsky District Court of Kiev, the case was transferred to the Borispol microdistrict court of the Kiev region, where on March 27, 2019 the defendants continued a preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of only until 02/05/2019. At the moment when, in accordance with the law, they could extend for 60 days, but without explanation they chose the date 02.05.2019.
04/25/2019, the criminal case is transferred from the Borispol City Court of the Kiev Region to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky City Court of the Kiev Region by decision of the Kiev Court of Appeal. On the same day, the case was distributed among the judges. The assignment of the date passed to the May holidays, because of this, the court had to urgently choose a measure of restraint as a suspect, and this again becomes an extension of detention.
04/26/2019 r. there is a court session at which they decide on the election of a measure of restraint on the content of suspected offenders. In the course of the case, the prosecutors who represented the prosecution in court are changed. And as can be seen from the decision of the Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky court, at the meeting on 04/26/2019, where the decision was made to select a preventive measure that committed a serious crime, the victim was not present, because he did not have time to prepare and arrive at the court .
And only on 05/23/2019, in fact in a month, a court order appears in which the victim is present and he submits a challenge to the panel of judges, which he is denied.

Further, the court accepts the defense’s petition to change the preventive measure, refers to several cases of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights). But the court draws attention to the following factors: age, state of health, strength of social ties in the place of permanent residence, presence of a permanent place of work, reputation, property status, etc. (these certificates and documents are not visible from the resolution). And at the heart of all this makes a decision:

“To refuse the petition of the prosecutor for the extension (election) of the preventive measure in the form of detention in custody, the accused shall refuse.
To select a preventive measure in the form of house arrest, which consists of a ban on leaving the house around the clock, using electronic means of control and entrusting the performance of such duties: to come to court to participate in court hearings; refrain from communicating with other accused in this case, victims and witnesses in this case, indicated in the indictment and its annexes; wear electronic control.
The judgment is not subject to separate appeal. ”

On December 6, 2019, the last meeting was held, at which the court again ruled to extend the preventive measure in the form of house arrest with electronic bracelets as a result of a serious crime.

OneNews will continue to monitor developments in the attempted murder of the coordinator of the Ukrainian nationalist public organization C14, Sergey Mazur.