The deadlines for the construction of the metro to Vinogradar


In Kiev, the construction of two new metro stations and the extension of the Syretsko-Pecherskaya line are ongoing. The start of the work was opened pathetically, and the scale itself was gaining momentum during the year and, it would seem, by the set launch date everything would be ready. But it was not there.

The construction period is significantly disrupted. This was reported by the Informant, based on the statements of the general contractor of the metro project on Vinogradar Oleg Tokarev.

The scheduled opening date for the stations is the end of 2021. But if you believe the data of the chief engineer for the construction of the metro on Vinogradar Evgeny Shataikin, then you need to add about a year to it. “Today, the backlog is not less than 7-8 months. We were diverted from the process of purchasing equipment. The equipment that was purchased today does not work in full with the speeds that we have laid. We are catastrophically behind schedule, ”said Yevgeny Shataikin.

It is worth noting that at the end of last year, Vasily Kobil was fired from the post of general director of Kyivmetrostroy, due to the unsatisfactory pace of construction of meters on Vinogradar. Alexander Metelitsa was put in his place, but past management announced a raider seizure of the enterprise.