Steam Controller gamepads for only $ 5 on discontinuation


The fall sale of the Valve Steam gamepad has begun, thanks to which Resident Evil 2 can be bought for $ 20. But due to the fact that this controller was discontinued, the last batch is being sold for $ 5.
Yes, now you can buy Steam Controller at a “sweet” price, plus shipping. Valve has officially confirmed that this is the last batch of these gamepads.
This game controller can be used with a PC and with the operating systems Windows, Linux / SteamOS, macOS also with the Steam service installed, with the Steam Link device, and the application of the same name on iOS, Android and tvOS platforms.
The main feature of this controller is the presence of two trackpads with tactile feedback. Each of them is also a separate button.
Also one of the main elements of the Steam controller are two round high-resolution trackpads located under the thumbs of the players. Each trackpad is a button. Trackpads are designed to increase input accuracy.
Plus, all types of input controller have full tactile feedback. Drives allow you to feel the rotation of the virtual trackball, clicks of the wheels of a virtual mouse, or rifle shots. All types of input controller support tactile feedback.
Also in this gamepad, triggers support analog and digital input modes both individually and simultaneously. For example, this will allow you to move the mouse cursor over the target with a light touch of a trigger and make the shot stronger by pressing.
Valve took care of reliable Steam Controller configuration software. He developed something like a cult: thousands of players upload their custom configurations for all of their gaming libraries on Steam. You can often start the game and find dozens of trendy profiles in which all the functions available in the sweepstakes are already at your fingertips, as well as add completely new control modes.
One of the common modifiers is to hold the button to switch the entire gamepad to the gyroscopic aiming mode, not only preparing your character’s weapons, but also slowing down the sensitivity, while at the same time allowing you to physically shift the controller by a small amount to build a shot using its built-in gyroscope.