Six impressive new gaming industry technologies

Six impressive new gaming industry technologies 

Do you dream of games with full immersion in the atmosphere, like in the movie “Jumanji”? These fantasies are not so far from reality. Let’s evaluate together what modern technologies have come to and how exactly they will change the game industry in the near future.

Face and voice recognition

Face recognition technology is used in many areas – to identify a person and ensure security. In this regard, more and more advanced 3D scanners are being developed that can more accurately digitize data. Face recognition is also used in the work of designers to create movies and video games.

The development of technology suggests that soon gamers will be able to scan their appearance in order to create characters similar to themselves in games. For example, Intel’s Real Sense 3D Camera device already allows developers to implement technologies that scan 78 points on a person’s face and more accurately detect emotions.

Similar innovations include human voice recognition. Voice Controlled Gaming is not a new technology, but its capabilities for the gaming industry are not yet fully utilized. Using voice recognition, you can control the gameplay from start to finish: even turn the console on and off.


Gesture reading

Thanks to technology for controlling body movements, you can cut into your favorite games without touching the buttons or joysticks at all. Intel RealSense reads gestures and certain movements of the human body, turning them into the necessary commands in the game. This simplifies the interaction with gaming gadgets and makes the process more realistic and natural.

A special 3D camera recognizes 22 points on the gamer’s hand and transfers them to the gaming device using gesture control technology. Thus, a person can simply and quickly interact with objects in the game, fight with the enemy, use weapons in first-person shooters.

A virtual reality

Of course, you’ve heard about this technology many times, but virtual reality yesterday is not the same as today. The developers of VR headsets are trying their best to improve their devices to give the gameplay more naturalness. Today, virtual reality technology is more affordable than the same three years ago.

One of the popular VR devices is Oculus Rift glasses, which differ from older versions of headsets by a 110-degree overview. Already there are manufacturers announcing devices with a review of 120 degrees, but in terms of reliability and convenience, Oculus is still leading. Virtual reality helps to get more impressions in games from both the first and third parties.

Augmented Reality

This technology differs from virtual reality in that it overlays virtual elements on an existing space. With AR, an entire room can become a playground and turn a familiar interior into, say, a fantastic forest.

Well-known tech giants like Microsoft are actively working on the development of increasingly advanced glasses and helmets for augmented reality. Game creators are also not far behind, introducing elements of augmented reality in new products. So far, none of them have managed to repeat the success of Pokemon Go, but they are sure that everything is still ahead. By the way, this year the authors of “Pokemon” release AR on the famous Harry Potter!

Cloud games

Another modern technology that is developing rapidly is cloud data. And it, too, can and should even be used in the gaming industry: Google developers did just that. Their new cloud platform called Stadia will allow gamers to play without downloading anything to their device.

The technical limitations of gadgets will no longer affect quality: users only need reliable and high-speed Internet connection. Stadia will be able to broadcast games at 60 frames per second, with a resolution of 4K. Representatives of the company promise to pump over time indicators up to 120 frames per second and resolutions of 8K. And that seems to be just the beginning.

Better Graphics

Video game graphics are getting better and more realistic every year. To create a character, you can now fully digitize a living actor, transfer his facial expressions and gestures to the screen. Drawing details is also getting better, allowing the gamer to experience the maximum of emotions from the game (after all, an almost-like-real monster jumping out of the corner scares more than a pixel one).

Naturally, for all this beauty, better displays are needed. The latest technology in this regard is monitors with support for 4K resolution. Such screens convey maximum colors and provide perfect clarity, which means that you can play at the highest settings.

Game creators and technology makers continue the battle to draw user attention to their product. Gamers only benefit from this, as more and more great new products and high-quality devices appear on the modern market. It remains only to choose and enjoy the process!