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The main symptom of a heart attack

The main symptom of a heart attack 

Often manifested pain in the female body indicates the onset of a chronic disease or acute form of the disease requiring urgent medical attention. About it writes "Voice".

Note that we are talking only about the female body. Therefore, pain in the leg can indicate the onset of deep vein thrombosis. In other words, a blood clot stops or slows down blood flow. See your doctor right away to find out how you feel.

If the head often or constantly hurts, then this speaks of eye contact diseases. It may also indicate symptoms of a brain tumor.

If a woman feels pain in the neck, arms, this may indicate the onset of a heart attack. The same pain in the chest area signals a heart disease.

If a woman feels frequent urge to urinate, then on the one hand it can be attributed to an excess of coffee in the diet. But it can also indicate symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of the urinary tract and kidney infections, as well as diabetes.

The most common cause of heart disease is atherosclerosis, a disease in which plaques appear on the walls of blood vessels that interfere with blood flow. Over time, while these plaques grow, the arteries of the heart can significantly narrow or clog. With a heart attack, a significant violation or complete cessation of blood circulation of the heart muscle occurs. Partially reduced blood flow in the heart muscle causes short-term pain in the region of the heart or behind the sternum.

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