Presidency for self-interest – Trump impeachment story


The approach of the impeachment case and the upcoming presidential election are a nightmare that is looming over the American president, and with every day his experience and excitement are becoming more noticeable. On the scales were the abuse of power with the development of international relations, the desire to be above the law with attempts to regulate the economy, and, as usual, the eternal confrontation between Republicans and Democrats.
 At the end of December 2019, the Lower House of the US Congress supported the removal of Donald Trump from the presidency, 230 lawmakers voted for this initiative, 197 opposed. The second point of the accusation – “obstructing Congress” – also received approval. And today, Fox News Senator Republican Lindsay Graham said on Fox News that the lawsuit against the US president would begin in the Upper House next week.
The story of Trump’s removal from the government post began in September 2019 at the initiative of the Speaker of the House of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, in connection with a statement by an anonymous informant who announced Trump’s pressure on President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to persuade the Ukrainian authorities to investigate Hunter Biden, son, who was involved in corruption schemes former US vice president, and in exchange he promised financial and military assistance. But this incident was only the final boiling point.
The neglect of the foundation of the US constitution – the division of power into three branches and the achievement of one’s desires at all costs, left an imprint on the reputation of the president of America. An example was the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. Then, Congress refused to finance Trump, as a result, the state suffered a “shutdown” – a situation where the government was forced to suspend the activities of all state institutions for as many as 35 record days.
And on February 14, the U.S. Congress had to allocate the amount of money and approve the bill on financing the US federal government until September 2019 in order to avoid a new suspension of its work. The president deliberately announced the introduction of an emergency regime in the country, to channel about $ 8 billion to erect a barrier. He has already received $ 1 billion from the Pentagon, but plans to request another $ 8.6 billion from Congress.
The latter situation is the death of an Iranian military leader and the commander of the special forces “El-Quds” Kassem Suleimani on the orders of Trump. Following the incident, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, urged the Trump administration to immediately report the reasons and circumstances for the destruction of Suleimani and stated in a statement that military force was used without any consultation with Congress. Noting that the president must necessarily get the consent of Congress to significantly strengthen the military group in the region.
Another signal for society was the development of their own business at the expense of the state, naturally, only large players were in the black. The opportunity for entrepreneurs to informally communicate with the president became real through membership in his golf clubs, so, after the inauguration of Donald Trump, the price tag of the annual contribution doubled and amounted to $ 200 thousand. Among the frequent guests there are Griffon Corporation President Robert Mehmel, who received top-level contracts for $ 54 million last year and Jay Vroom, the head of pesticide trading company Crop Life America, which, according to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency, causes developmental delays in children and neurological diseases.
Family relations are also thriving in the White House, although US law has forbidden federal civil servants from hiring relatives since 1967. The daughter of President Ivanka Trump holds the position of adviser to the head of the White House, like her husband Jared Kushner.
Moreover, Trump is trying to distribute government orders to those businesses that he favors, or to select them from those that do not use his location: for example, Amazon, whose founder, Jeff Bezos, also owns The Washington Post.
The list also includes the history of the “Russian footprint” in relation to the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. According to the report of Special Adviser Robert Muller, the incumbent president tried to interfere with the investigation of this case. According to US intelligence, Russia contributed to the victory of Donald trump, allegedly involving cyber attacks and propaganda. Putin and Trump categorically deny this.
And now, against the background of this list, which you can still add, in July 2019, Donald Trump has a telephone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky, where he asks for a personal request in exchange for help. Both politicians again deny the fact of pressure and manipulation towards Ukraine. But Senate leader Chuck Schumer, the Senate leader, said the unedited messages posted in Just Security on January 2 provided the basis for a full trial of the impeachment of Donald Trump.
“These letters once again show the concern of the administration’s officials regarding the appropriateness and legality of the president’s decision to delay aid to Ukraine for his own benefit,” says Schumer.
The original documents show that on August 30, after meeting with Trump, Michael Duffy, deputy director of national security programs at the budgetary administration, told Pentagon Inspector Elaine McCasker that he had a “clear message” from Trump to delay help.
 Following a final decision on the impeachment trial, President Donald Trump sent an open letter on Tuesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, protesting. In the document, he believes that the Democrats “declared open war on American democracy,” trying to remove him from power. This tex was published on the website of the White House.
“This impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democratic lawmakers, unparalleled in the nearly 250-year history of US law,” the president writes.
Trump emphasizes that the articles of impeachment put forward against him by the Legal Committee do not meet any standards of theory and interpretation of the Constitution and jurisprudence.
But judging by the accusations made by the Democrats, they did not declare war on democracy, but on the presidency for their own benefit. And while Donald Trump will grab power and pursue a policy of his own interests until the last, the United States is still waiting for the head, who will be able to consolidate the community, and not divide it into camps.