PlayStation 5 left without cartridges and external SSDs

PlayStation 5 left without cartridges and external SSDs 

Last week we found out that Sony Interactive Entertainment has patented a cartridge for an unknown PlayStation game console.

Then came the information that this is really not a game cartridge, but an external solid-state drive for the PlayStation 5. Later it became known that this is a storage medium that can store various data, such as characters, animations, sounds and software.

Now, the Lestsgodigital resource, which created three-dimensional models of the cartridge for patent images, reports that the situation has finally cleared up.

It turns out that this is really a gaming cartridge, but it is not intended for the Sony PlayStation 5, but for the Sony TOIO children’s gaming system, manufactured exclusively in Japan. This is an interactive system that has a basic console device, but it does not connect to the TV. It serves to control the little robots that children play and interact with. Additional accessories, such as a steering wheel, are also provided.

The first version of Sony TOIO, which was released thanks to crowdfunding, there was no place to install cartridges. The second version, which received much more features, is also equipped with a slot for cartridges. Buyers of the first version will have the opportunity to replace it with an improved version at no additional cost.