Penalties for garbage and uncleaned snow!

Penalties for garbage and uncleaned snow! 

In Kiev, they want to prepare and approve new rules for the improvement of the city. Why is this being done and what will change for ordinary citizens, the Today website found out.

As the KSCA explained to us, the changes will be significant.

“It makes no sense to make changes to the old rules. Many of the standards by which the city lived are already outdated. Therefore, it was decided to write new rules. Moreover, the Ministry of Regional Development and Trade issued the standard rules, and a new law on improvement of Ukraine was also issued. Based on these documents, we and began to develop new rules for the improvement of Kiev, “the city hall explained.

Work on the document continues, it still has to go through specialized commissions in Kievrad, and then the voting procedure for the session by city deputies.

According to the old rules for the performance of repair or construction work, a control card was issued for violation of improvement. It was not a permissive document, but merely fixed the place of violation of the improvement and the term of the proposed work. As a result, city services that carry out repairs on the water supply system, heating system and other utilities could not restore what they had torn for months, and people were forced to walk and ride around potholes, experiencing enormous inconvenience. Now instead of a card they want to issue permissions. This will already be a permitting document and for the delay of the periods indicated in the permit there will be a completely different responsibility.


Public utilities often “forget” to fill up pits and restore beautification. Photo: A. Marushchak

“The new rules will clearly spell out the norms for maintaining the territories. That is, if the snow had not been removed before, since the territory where it lay was nobody’s, now this territory will be necessarily assigned to a specific balance holder – either from the wall of the nearest building, or from a curb on the roadway. There will be no draws of the city and this territory will have to be cleaned and maintained in order, “Dmitry Belotserkovets, adviser to the mayor of Kiev, explains to the Today site.

The draft rules also spell out the conditions for maintaining green spaces, roads, and the local area.

Clear standards will be set out for garbage collection and for the placement of garbage containers in yards. For example, containers for storing garbage and waste should be installed on a paved site, behind a P- or G-shaped fence and tightly closed with lids. There should not be crowded containers or waste sites. The grounds for garbage containers should be arranged at a distance of not less than 20 meters from the windows and doors of residential buildings, children’s institutions, sports and playgrounds, as well as from places of recreation for people, but not more than 100 meters from the entrance to the entrance of residential buildings.

In case of unrealistic fulfillment of such requirements, containers for municipal solid waste are placed at a distance determined by the commission with the participation of the district architect, authorized representatives of public and housing maintenance organizations. By the way, the draft rules spelled out norms for the storage of municipal solid waste in containers. So, at an air temperature of -5 degrees and below – no more than three days, at an air temperature from -5 to +5 – no more than two days, and at a temperature of +5 degrees and above – no more than 1 day (daily removal).

According to the developers, the creation of new rules for the improvement of Kiev is due to the dynamic development of the infrastructure of the city and the need to increase the responsibility of each resident for violation of these rules.

“The preparation of the draft new rules for improvement is carried out taking into account the requirements and comments provided by other departments of the Kyiv City State Administration and specialized enterprises. Some sections of the old rules are deleted due to their irrelevance. The draft code of new rules consists of 13 sections that establish legal, economic, environmental and organizational foundations for city beautification, ”adds Belotserkovets.

According to the Kyiv City State Administration, the draft of the new rules is aimed at creating comfortable conditions for residents and guests of the capital, even during the occurrence of temporary inconveniences when landscaping is disrupted. This also applies to the maintenance in good condition of parks, recreation areas, gardens, squares and leisure sites located on their territory.

For example, the document states that the number of garbage bins in parks, recreation areas is set at the rate of one urn per 800 m2 of area. On the main alleys of the park, the distance between the urns should not be more than 40 meters. Near each temporary construction of a commercial, household, socio-cultural or other purpose for doing business, a garbage bin with a capacity of at least 0.01 m3 is installed.

The main cleaning of the parks is carried out after their closure and until 8:00 in the morning. Throughout the day, it is necessary to collect waste, including animal excrement, fallen leaves, conduct patrol cleaning, and regularly water the green spaces.

In the draft new rules for improvement, there will appear requirements for the maintenance and repair of objects for improvement of the Kiev road network. They will follow the roads more responsibly. This applies to the timely application of road marking, the operation of street lighting and monitoring the condition of the roadway.

For example, such a frequency of summer cleaning of streets, roads and squares is proposed, depending on the traffic intensity: if up to 1 thousand cars drive on the road per day, cleaning is done once a week, 1-2 thousand cars – 2 times a week, 2- 4 thousand cars – 1 time in two days, 4-8 thousand cars – 1 time per day, 8-12 thousand cars – twice a day, 12-16 thousand cars – 3 times a day, 16-20 thousand cars – 4 once a day, more than 20 thousand cars a day – cleaning is carried out 5 times.

And the main streets will be washed only at night from 23:00 to 6:00. Only trays of the carriageway will be washed during the day. Other streets can be washed both day and night. Internal quarterly driveways and sidewalks will be washed out only during the day from 7:00 to 19:00. By the way, it is forbidden to wash the roadway if the air temperature is kept at +2 degrees, and bridges and overpasses – if the thermometer column drops below +5 degrees.

The project also spelled out how to properly clean the streets and highways of the city from snow and ice. Namely, what reagents and mixtures can be used. For example, it is forbidden to move snow from the carriageway onto sidewalks, lanes, and green areas, as well as to throw it into water bodies. Also, the draft landscaping rules do not recommend removing snow that only fell at night (from 22:00 to 6:00). At this time of day, it does not condense.

The rules also spell out requirements for the improvement of territories of cultural heritage sites, public transport stops, a requirement for maintaining a house adjoining territory, arranging cemeteries, animal walking areas, street lighting and artistic lighting for buildings, children’s and sports grounds.

However, the document will still be amended.

“Only new rules will be specified in the beautification rules, and penalties will, as before, be drawn up in administrative protocols under article 152 of the Administrative Code. More severe sanctions will be applied to violators when changes are made to this document. They have already been developed and filed. to the Ministry of Finance. From there, by the way, a comment was received on certain standards. We plan to increase fines to 40 thousand hryvnias. The law no longer permits. Such fines are planned to be imposed on balance holders for garbage not taken out, uncleaned th area from the snow late restoring order in the dug for the repair of heating, “- explains Dmitry Belotserkovets.

Kievans are quite skeptical about the new rules.

“Problems with not garbage collection, painted facades of houses, lack of lighting in parks have not been solved for years. And officials are not at all bothered by this. Large fines will not be able to force this change. Here comes a man and throws a cigarette butt or a bottle under his feet. If if someone forced him to pay a fine of five thousand hryvnias for such an act, he would never do that. Thrice would think before throwing a cigarette butt, “says Anton Storozhuk, a resident of Poznyakov.