Participation of the Ukrainian mixed martial arts team in a large-scale amateur MMA tournament – Elite World Championship

The Ukrainian mixed martial arts team UF MMA will participate in the mixed martial arts world championship – MMA Elite World Championship on November 18-23 in Singapore.



The championship is delegated by GAMMA (Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts) – a European non-profit MMA organization that has been operating since 2018 and is based in Amsterdam. Its members have membership in more than 60 federations around the world and many years of experience in MMA.


The uniqueness of the MMA Elite World Championship in partnership with the international sports organization – One Championship, which is the largest in Asia. The purpose of such powerful support is to organize an event that will provide even more opportunities for the growth and development of amateur MMA.


GAMMA’s policy is to promote MMA as a sport that will become Olympic in the future. Therefore, the MMA Elite World Championship is an excellent chance for more than 60 countries of the world, including Ukraine, to develop mixed martial arts and take this sport to a new level. Also, the championship is a good chance for amateur athletes to develop their career in the future of professional MMA competitions.

UF MMA Mixed Martial Arts League President – Vladimir Tesla:


 “For the first time, the Ukrainian Federation of Mixed Martial Arts has been contributing to the development of MMA in Ukraine – and we are not going to stop there. We love what we do, which is why we set the highest priority for promoting MMA in Ukraine. It is important for us that Ukrainian youth actively develop in this direction and represent our country in the world arenas with dignity. An indication of this is the participation of our federation in the MMA World Championship, which will be held in the best arena of Singapore. We bring the best athletes and hope for a suitable result. We are really working hard to promote sports among young people and contribute to the formation of a healthy nation. ”


Therefore, already in November, the national interests of MMA will defend Ukraine on behalf of the UF MMA team at the most professional arena in Singapore – Singapore Indoor Stadium. UF MMA is an amateur Ukrainian mixed martial arts team whose goals are fully consistent with the basic concept of the World Championship:


Raise amateur MMA to a professional level

Give everyone an opportunity to try mixed martial arts

Popularizing MMA among youth

About the goals of the Ukrainian team, vice president of UF MMA Denis Perch:


“We want our students to first hone their skills at an amateur level. We, as a team, give everything to future professionals for this, since children’s sports are our main priority.


It is important for us to interest absolutely all categories of younger generations, despite the fact that they have financial opportunities for playing sports and performing in competitions. Therefore, participation in events such as the MMA Elite World Championship is another opportunity to become one step closer to our goal. ”


Thus, 18 Ukrainian athletes in 16 weight categories will represent our country at the World Championship. In addition, for the winners of the championship this is an opportunity to receive a scholarship in the amount of 4 thousand dollars. and a year of membership at the Envolve MMA Academy. And the best fighters – a man and a woman will be awarded a contract for 100 thousand dollars. and 5 fights with the World One Championship.


All compatriots will cheer for UF MMA, because the mixed martial arts team has many resources in order to return to Ukraine with gold and even more prospects for amateur MMA.