OneNews visited the NATO Joint Forces Central Headquarters


OneNews journalist visited the heart of the Allied Powers Europe Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at the heart of the NATO Allied Headquarters in Belgium. During a briefing, representatives of the Logistics and Officers Unit shared information on NATO-Ukraine joint military exercises, commented on the level of training of Ukrainian soldiers and answered the most important question – the introduction of collective defense into the territory of Ukraine in case of joining the Alliance.

During the briefing there was a unique opportunity to talk in person and to get information from the first sources. But members of the North Atlantic Treaty have been asked not to disclose names and positions, as well as forbidden video and photo shooting in the territory of the SHAPE mode object.


Since 2014, one of the first issues on NATO’s agenda has been its readiness and improvement. Therefore, the first question was asked about the most significant achievements in the military field in recent years.

Representatives consider the program called “4 – 30” their great achievement. Approved on paper in 2018, the concept has become possible to translate, if necessary, as early as 2019. Its essence is the willingness to collect, send and place in any of the 29 countries 30 battalions, 30 planes, 30 ships, 30 tanks within 30 days, if necessary.

“To ensure that the Alliance is ready to respond quickly and decisively to new security challenges, we have today adopted the NATO Preparedness Plan. It is a coherent and comprehensive package of measures needed to respond to changes in security at NATO and beyond, which is of concern to NATO countries. “


Also during an open conversation, a representative of our news agency asked questions about Ukrainian military units, namely, “Which of them, according to NATO officers, are the most advanced and why?”

We have been informed that there are only 7 units currently undergoing a formal SHAPE assessment program. This is air – assault, military patrol, chemical engineering, special operations, strategic transportation, air, as well as police special patrolling. According to the representative, the main advantage is that they are interoperable and have good communication. But do not underestimate others, said in SHAPE.

“For example, you have tank troops that work very well, the only thing is that they do not have full interoperability with others, but they are very good,” the Supreme Air Command said.

Officers said that there is a common enclosure near Yavoriv in Lviv, where military exercises are conducted with the participation of tank units.

“We train about 3 battalions there, there are various representatives there – allies, 7 allied countries, they work on a rotating basis on a permanent basis. And very often, as far as I know, the military goes to the east of Ukraine from this training ground, ”the representative summarized.

He noted that the military units that are selected and evaluated at the Jaworski range are very strong on all spectra, but the cause of the failures is the enemy, which is much more powerful.

“My colleague sitting next to me represents operations and will agree with me one hundred percent that the Ukrainian army is ready, it is very capable and its military training is at a very high level. The only downside is that you have a very strong and powerful opponent. That is why we provide assistance, train and increase the level of training of the Ukrainian army. It is capable of other challenges at the moment, but not the one we have now is the Russian army, ”summed up one of the officers.

We asked about plans for cooperation and cooperation for the next year – “What strategies are being developed together and will we gain the status of an in-depth partnership with NATO?”

“At the expense of a future partnership for next year, this training exercise is a support for different kinds of exercises. You know, the involvement of the Ukrainian military forces in operations always depends on the decision of the highest NATO Council. Regarding the topic of the status of in-depth partners, it was mentioned during the visit of the North Atlantic Council to Ukraine, I know about it, and I know that it has already been put on the agenda and there will be a discussion in 2020. The issue is being resolved by the political side of NATO, ”the military speaker said.

SHAPE is informed that, if desired, even without the special status of an in-depth partner in Ukraine, it is possible to participate in any NATO-led operation.

The military has indicated that they have a strong interest in developing a new defense strategy in Ukraine over the next five years, and are monitoring the revision and reform of the military sphere. Judging by this, Alliance representatives will assist Ukraine.

The military has indicated that they have a strong interest in developing a new defense strategy in Ukraine over the next five years, and are monitoring the revision and reform of the military sphere. On this basis, Alliance representatives will assist Ukraine.

“If we see that Ukraine really wants and wants to have rapid-fire forces, that is, some units that can be deployed anywhere, NATO is happy to agree and help.”

Due to the mobilization of troops and the requirements for defense capabilities for each country, officers stated that no nation could build a detachment or unit that could be deployed anywhere, it was basically deploying only within its territory. This is very difficult to do technically, so there has never been a requirement in NATO for a member or partner state to build mobile units. The basic condition of the Alliance and its member states is that each ally must have sufficient strength for its own defense in its territory, but if NATO’s emergency response is required, they are ready to assist.

“I have worked extensively at the headquarters and the military committee, and I know for a fact that, in principle, the basic requirements of NATO are that the country should be able to target all its armed forces on its territory. If there really is a need to carry out an operation, then it is prepared for it separately, and I do not send a group that works on a regular basis and which is designed for such actions. There are no such groups, ”the combined forces are convinced at the central staff.

The war that is going on in Ukraine is moving around the analysis of many countries, and for the Alliance we have the experience of fighting Russia, on this basis the journalist OneNews asked the question – “What are the areas of exchange of experience of Ukraine – NATO is how they conduct analysis and use knowledge, received during hostilities in the country? ».

During the conversation, the representatives repeatedly focused their attention on the hybrid war, the fight against propaganda, and fake news. They are very interested in Ukraine’s experience in this area, they noted that hybrid war is now on the agenda. Not only our success and accomplishments, but also the “back side of the coin” show increased interest. This provides a good analysis for the NATO military.

“Not only is Ukraine’s military experience highly valued, it is analyzed very carefully at all levels, from schools with military training to even NATO military academies. We constantly pay attention to the experience that Ukraine is receiving in the battlefield, and your military reporters are often invited to SHAPE or other NATO schools, where they tell their experiences personally at various levels. You know, we invite your speakers not only to cover your successes and what you are winning, but also where something is wrong with you. We implement this at different levels and analyze the cause. This also applies to the ground forces, air forces, and all other troops, as well as to the hybrid war, ”the staff stressed.

Officials noted that Ukraine and Georgia are partners in many NATO operations, and both have recent experience in how to wage a hybrid war, and both have with Russia.

“You are the first source of information and conclusions for us. We include the hybrid scenario that unfolds on the Ukrainian landfill in our teachings. “

OneNews journalist asked one of the servicemen of the highest rank the question of the application of the fifth clause of the treaty, which speaks of collective protection – “Should Ukraine join the Alliance, will the 5 clause of the treaty be involved? Many diplomats and politicians try to circumvent this issue and treat this article very carefully. I know it was only once in Denmark in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks. And to wait for Ukraine’s collective protection? ”.

The representative said that the entry of Ukraine is impossible until the enemy is eliminated from its territories. This is due to the own fears of other NATO members.

“Until we solve this problem, Ukraine will not become a member of the Alliance. The 29 NATO countries make decisions together, this is not some kind of organization where all decisions are taken separately, all countries must support it. Many states do not want to risk their own people to welcome a new member to the Alliance who has such a conflict in their territory. Such conflict in the country is already an exception.

From a military point of view, we would agree to your country’s adoption, but NATO is a political organization, and the decisions of politicians and civilians have a significant part. In fact, many countries are already ready to give Ukraine the status of a member, but not all, and the decision must be collective. Therefore, first of all, you need to deal with the enemy in your territory, ”assured SHAPE.