New Logitech gaming accessories designed for people with disabilities

New Logitech gaming accessories designed for people with disabilitiesLogitech introduced the Adaptive Gaming Kit, which includes various buttons and controls. They are compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and allow people with disabilities to play fully.
Functionally, the set repeats the usual gamepads. It has three large and small buttons, two “triggers” and four buttons with a light touch. All of them can be placed on a special rug (two of them are included).
There are also stickers for buttons and Velcro to make it easier to place controls. The set is estimated at $ 100 (about 6,400 rubles), about the same cost a Microsoft controller. At the same time, a separate buy button will not work, only all at once.
Compared with a regular gamepad for $ 60 (about 3,800 rubles), the kit is quite expensive. However, the fact that there is a novelty and allows people with disabilities not to be inferior to other players is encouraging.