NASA has released a game in which you can control the ship SpaceX Crew Dragon


NASA has released the Rocket Science Ride 2 Station simulator game, in which you can feel like a participant in the mission on the SpaceX Crew Dragon ship.

The mini-game is a simplified simulation of how private ships will fly to the ISS. It will allow you to learn the basics of launching a commercial team into space.

The application will guide you through all the preparatory stages, from choosing a spacecraft and crew to launching and docking with the International Space Station. For an additional level of complexity, you can even choose to dock with the station in fully manual mode.

Throughout the entire process of creating and launching their rocket, users go through what each component and crew member does to complete the mission, making the application important from an educational point of view.

Players can choose from real astronauts with their biographies.


Of course, 3D animation leaves much to be desired – but this is a bold attempt to tell space enthusiasts about what it means to launch a commercial mission with a crew.

The application is available in the iOS App Store, and can also be played in a desktop browser on the official NASA website.