Launch of a new project in the Verkhovna Rada

Launch of a new project in the Verkhovna Rada We are launching a unique project that we have already begun to implement with you. We will raise important socio-political issues in order to attract maximum attention to them. We also want to establish a real connection between the deputies and the people.
I urge you to shoot a video question to the deputies and put it on the network, and we will pass on to the elected representatives who will answer them. Be sure to tag me @ (Daniil Yakovlev) and @ (OneNews) in your posts. Questions can relate to any topic or problem, only a big request to comply with adequacy and censorship. We won’t take videos containing profanity and calls for violence!
Due to the fact that most citizens are physically unable to raise a question for the deputy, our project will provide this unique opportunity to everyone.
We promise to do everything possible so that your choice is heard by the people’s choice!