Six friends come together – young, beautiful, single women! They have not seen each other for a long time, and there is a reason: one of them is pregnant.

This is really an event, because no one has a child yet. What is the performance about? About men, of course. And about what women are sorely lacking today. Conversations circle the orbit of marriage, families, make large turns and go into the “open space” of intimacy and revelation.

“Bachelorette party” can be compared to an American cocktail: circles, ice, cream and ripe berries – to taste. Used to Beethoven’s heavy music and Verdi’s frivolous melodies: laughter through tears. The performance gives hope and an optimistic charge! The performance is in Russian. Based on the novel by Laura Cunningham “Beautiful bodies.”


Ekaterina Kisten – Honored Artist of Ukraine, actress of the Kiev Academic Theater in Pechersk.
Natalia Vasko – theater and film actress.
Elena Alimova – theater and film actress.
Anastasia Kasilova – theater and film actress.
Ksenia Vertinskaya – actress of the National Academic Drama Theater. Ivan Franco.
Vitalina Bibliv – actress of the Kiev Academic Theater Golden Gate.
Anna Nightmare is an actress in theater and cinema.