Guys of what age will be drafted into the army in the spring


18-year-olds and 19-year-olds will not be called up for military service during the spring draft in April this year. This was announced in the Telegram channel by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Zagorodnyuk

– For the spring draft in April of this year, we will not attract 18- and 19-year-old boys to military service, except in those cases when they voluntarily want to go to serve in the Armed Forces. The age of conscription from 18 years is clearly spelled out in the Law and it never changed. And, in fact, the decree of the President was signed in the framework of the existing law, – said Zagorodniuk.

The minister emphasized that in April, during the spring draft summons, guys from 20 years old will receive.

“So, no one will be forced to engage in military service until the age of 20,” he added.

Recall, yesterday, January 16, Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree according to which boys will be called up for military service from the age of 18, and not from 20, as it was before.