Good old ending games that you have not seen


Many of us tried hard to get to the end of our favorite game, but it was not always possible. And if earlier we could find out about the finish of the game only through perseverance, now the Internet comes to our aid. We invite you, not only to recall those legendary games that were so addictive, but also to open the curtain of secrets by looking at a video from Youtube a selection of games with the very expected ending.
Pac-Man game created by the Japanese company Namco in 1980. The arcade is created in the form of a labyrinth in which controlling a creature named Pakmen, you need to eat all the points, avoiding the ghosts that move behind the hero. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty in the game, but the architecture of the maze remains the same.
Battletoads video game conquered the world in 1991, developed by her company Rare. The created toy was like a rival to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. According to the plot, three alien toads create a group called “Battle Toads.” Two of them are sent to rescue their abducted friends from the Dark Queen – Pimple and Princess Angelica. A platform game created in the genre of beat ’em up with elements of racing and climbing. At the start of a video game, three lives are given.
Contra – if you didn’t even play it, you probably heard it. She was first born in 1987 in Japan. In the story, after the meteorite falls near New Zealand, a terrorist group called the Red Falcon appears, which wants to destroy humanity. The game begins when two fighters Bill Riser and Lance Bean begin a mission to save the world. This arcade in the genre of run and gun consists of five levels that differ from each other. The first and fifth levels are passed from left to right, the third – from the bottom up, the second and fourth are a corridor with a view from behind the character in a certain timing.
Donkey Kong is a game developed by Nintendo and released in 1981. She became one of the first in the genre of platformer. The main character of the game is a character named Jumper, and later the well-known Mario Carpenter, who saves his girlfriend the princess from the villain of a big monkey named Donkey Kong. Then the game was first released using the plot – “Saving the Beautiful Lady”, later this scenario became a boilerplate.
Tetris – one of the most popular computer games, was developed by the Soviet programmer Alexei Pazhitnov and released in 1984. Tetris is a puzzle based on the use of geometric shapes. In this game, random figures fall from above into a rectangular glass with a width of 10 and a height of 20 cells. In flight, the player can rotate the falling position by 90 and move it horizontally. The initial version of the game was written by Pajitnov in Pascal for the computer “Electronics – 60”.
Earthworm Jim, this platformer appeared in 1994, its creators were Shiny Entertainment, and the publishers of Virgin Interactive. The main character of the game is a worm named Jim who was in the collar of a space suit, which as a result of battles fell to the ground. The hero miraculously mutated into a superhero and, according to all the well-known scenarios, went to save the princess and fight evil. This arcade platformer has 11 different levels.
Duck hunt is a video game developed and released by Nintendo in 1984. The arcade is designed to play using a light gun. The meaning of the game is to get into ducks flying out of the grass, one or two, depending on the type of game chosen (one duck, two ducks and cymbal shooting). According to the plot of the ducks, a hunting dog, whose name is unknown, was forced to fly. Three rounds are assigned to hit the target. When hit, the dog jumps out of the grass with prey, climbs and laughs when missed.
T-Rex Game – every Google user knows this game for sure. This toy appears when the browser tried to load a page, but this could not be done for any reason. Then a dinosaur appears on the screen, which with the help of a space or pressing the screen needs to jump over obstacles.