Fans make a free game based on the "Terminator"

Fans make a free game based on the 

November began with high-profile premieres: Death Stranding and Jedi: Fallen Order captured the attention of the public. Few people noticed that Terminator: Resistance, a Polish shooter in the universe of legendary killer cyborgs, was released that same month. Unfortunately, the action movie turned out to be ambiguous: in spite of the abundance of fan service and references, the movie fans did not wait for the perfect game according to “Terminator”. But there is hope – because another interesting project based on the series looms ahead.

Tech-Com: 2029 – a fan shooter, the existence of which the press found out only the other day (although the first trailer was published back in September). The action will tell about the adventures of Kyle Reese, a resistance soldier who, by chance, will have to become a key figure in the war against robots. In the film, Kyle went back in time to save Sarah Connor from the sinister T-800 – but what did the fighter go through in 2029 on his way to the time machine? Tech-Com authors intend to tell this story. And you won’t have to pay for it: the action will be laid out for free – if they manage to finish it.

The fact is that right owners can knock on the team at any time – not every project of this kind will live to see the release. That is why the name “Terminator” does not appear in the title, and the rather unusual cyborg design from the future flaunts on the title screen. Tech-Com’s release date: 2029 has not yet been announced, but the host of Mr H Reviews (who was given a touch of the demo) claims that the premiere will take place in 2020. Cross your fingers for good luck.