Cosplay by Overwatch


Cosplay by Overwatch is very popular even among those who are not particularly fan of the game itself. Some are delighted with the implementation of robots – complex crafting and refinement of forms, while others enjoy the embodiment of the characters themselves, especially female ones.

Our today’s cosplay collection is dedicated to such popular heroines of this game as Mei-Ling Zhou, Ashe, Brigitte Lindholm and D.Va. Enjoy it!

Cosplayer Pinkie Panda in the image of Mei-Ling Zhou. Photographer – member of the jury of the WEGAME 5.0 cosplay show – beautiful Alena [Pugoffka] Kucheruk.

 style= Irina [Evenink] Sabetskaya in the image of Ashe. Photographer – judge of the WEGAME 4.0 cosplay contest – magnificent Maria [Fenix Fatalist] Karpenko. style= 

Cosplayer Ivy Hale in the image of Brigitte Lindholm. Photographers – Akane and Elizabeth Belay.



Nika, known as Lira Su, in the guise of D.Va. Photographer – Vladislav_Portfolio.