Black Desert game will appear on mobile devices

Black Desert game will appear on mobile devices 

The game Black Desert has already earned the popularity of gamers on personal computers and consoles. Now she is going to move to mobile devices.

The game Black Desert appeared on Android and iOS, retaining its main characteristics on a smaller scale. The first advantages of Black Desert Mobile players will be able to evaluate already on the character selection screen. The developers left the opportunity to fine-tune the appearance. The game also demonstrates excellent graphics, both for mobile platforms. It is distinguished by a dynamic combat system without the usual “target capture”, as in the same World of Warcraft.

Gamers may be unhappy with the binding of a character class to the floor. For example, if a player wants to arm himself with a bow, then he will have to play for the girl, and only a man can be a powerful barbarian.

Otherwise, players will encounter the usual multiplayer online game in the open world with quests, grind and other activities. The developers intend to create more activities and even published a roadmap. For example, at the beginning of 2020, a new class will appear, a world boss and two new locations.

Black Desert Mobile is already available for download on the App Store and Google Play.