Announcement of the legendary game Diablo IV


Blizzard announced the legendary December Diablo IV and even talked about some key updates in its development. This information will appeal to players who like last year’s announcement of Diablo Immortal.
Game developer David Kim said that the team is considering one interesting aspect, which is to choose between an endless or finite system for gaining experience and the levels of all characters.
One version of which he spoke has level limits, but it will obviously be inferior to the second system in which there are no restrictions on the number of levels. Based on their research, this possibility is due to a large number of players who want to constantly move on to achieve higher ranks.
The demo at BlizzCon 2019 included locked “skill slots” in the interface. In addition, they again look at the inclusion of ancient objects in the game. But, obviously, the choice of skills will remain open in the final version of the game. This is done based on feedback from the gaming community.

More detailed information on the development process of the game Diablo IV and its capabilities is planned to be provided in February. Although the release date for the game has not yet been determined, Blizzard intends to quarterly share backstage data on the development process.