All-Ukrainian March for Animals took place in Kyiv

On September 15, the All-Ukrainian March for Animal Rights took place in Kyiv. The event started at 12 o’clock in Shevchenko Park, at 13 o’clock the march went through Vladimir Street to the Verkhovna Rada.

The event was initiated by the humanitarian movement UAnimals, which organized a march simultaneously in 24 cities of Ukraine. In addition, for the first time in zoological history, such a march took place in Antarctica, at the Vernadsky station. The protesters declared 11 demands:

  1. Prohibition of the use of animals in circuses and dolphinariums.
  2. Prohibition on the use of animals for begging and photo services.
  3. Prohibition of creation and operation of fuel stations.
  4. Refusal to use live animals for tested cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
  5. Development of rehabilitation of animals and animal welfare centers affected by human beings and their activities.
  6. Prohibition of fur farms;
  7. Promoting the cessation of doghunters.
  8. Stopping programs of mass killing of stray animals in Ukrainian cities.
  9. The introduction of wild animals of Ukraine’s natural habitat on the brink of extinction into the Red Data Book of Ukraine.
  10. A clear definition of the ownership of the animal and the deprivation of such right as a result of ill-treatment to ensure the owners’ responsibility.
  11. Promoting the creation of a zoo and the introduction of an effective system of control and punishment for animal cruelty in Ukraine.