A pensioner in the subway attacked a schoolboy and broke his glasses


This was reported on his page on Facebook by the aunt of the boy Tatyana Marush.
“An old man clung to a nephew of nine years in the subway (traveling with his elder sister). The child is wearing glasses. He stood and read a book by the door, on the right. His sister was 15 years old nearby. From the children’s story, the old man poked on a small guy because of the book, he said : “You are already blind, you still read, it would be better if you went in for sports,” the woman said the beginning of the conflict.
After that, the man took the book from the boy and pushed the girl who stood up for her brother.

“No one in the carriage even stood up for the children. And when a nine-year-old boy wrapped his grandfather in a backpack for pushing his sister, some aunt started screaming about juvenile delinquents,” the woman added.

According to her, the armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine intervened in the conflict, who entered the carriage at the bus stop and stood up for the children.

“Result: a“ soldier ”, he turned out to be 42-year-old Georgy, who turned out to be a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two children of 9 and 15 years old, an old man, attention, a former worker of the VOKhR (militarized guard, – ed.) 66 years old, and now“ honored pensioner ” , everyone was in the subway police station, “said Marush.
She noted that as a result, the child’s glasses are broken, the jacket and the book are torn. And on the pensioner made up an administrative protocol.