75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation – Zelensky and OneNews Holocaust Guide

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the massive tragedy of the Second World War – the massive genocide of peoples. Traditionally, January 27 is considered a memory day, on that day in 1945, soldiers of the 1st Ukrainian Front of the Soviet Army liberated prisoners of the largest Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Auschwitz, Poland.
During the Nazi Holocaust, about 6 million people were destroyed in a large geographical area, more than 25 percent of which were Ukrainians. During the mass extermination, Jewish communities and communities of other nations were destroyed in their entirety, and without leaving relatives, close friends.
The main weapons of the Nazis were gas chambers, which were called “Special Purpose Baths”, at the entrance of which there was a sign “For disinfection”, and at the exit – “Entrance to the bath”, people unknowingly undressed and went to where there was no way out, those the most “baths of special purpose” were gas chambers. Says “OneNews” the representative of the Jewish community Hillel Ben Jacob.
It is important to understand that the more years separates us from what has happened, the more important it is for us to take the time to remember this. Nobel Peace Prize winner Eli Wiesel, who devoted his life to preserving the voice of the survivors of the persecution and mass extermination of Jews and other peoples, urged us not to forget about those events.
“Memory has become the holy duty of all people of goodwill,” he said last year.
Timed to coincide with this event, on January 22-23, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will visit Israel, where he is present at a ceremony dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. He spoke about this in an interview with The Times of Israel.
“The most important thing for every country is to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. It is very important to be here, regardless of whether we (the leaders of the countries – ed.) Make a speech or not. For me personally, it doesn’t matter if they gave me a word. But so many people who died in this tragedy were Ukrainian Jews – starting from Babi Yar, where 150 thousand were executed, ”Zelensky said.
He recalled that according to statistics, one in four of the Jews who died during the Holocaust was Ukrainian. Therefore, as the president emphasized, it is very important for Ukrainians to honor the memory of the victims of this tragedy.
We need a memory of the tragedy in order to prevent the possibility of such events in the future, to cultivate and enlighten new generations.
That is why OneNews, with the support of the Culture and Diplomacy of the World Countries organization, as well as other partners, is preparing a large-scale project “MEMORY OF THE HOLOCAUST, UN – from the past to the future …”. This is a program of educational activities, which is planned for a number of events and the shooting of a full-length film. The historical socio-cultural project is an integrating force in uniting people around universal values, and is aimed at preventing war, using the example of genocide.
We have planned a series of the first round tables in Ukraine, at which we will try to unite all organizations that advocate peace and honor the memory of the Holocaust. Also, we want to talk about the tragedy through art, by holding an exhibition in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with paintings by eminent artists, some of which were painted specifically for this project. The final stage will be the release of a documentary – social film about the genocide of the Second World War.
The desire to draw the attention of future generations to an acute social problem on the example of the Holocaust by increasing knowledge through photo, audio, video and artistic means is our main goal.
The symbolism of holding this event in the walls of parliament will force our officials to once again look at the consequences of racism, anti-Semitism and indifferent behavior of people.
But when organizing the project “MEMORY OF THE HOLOCAUST, UN – from the past to the future …”, we were faced with questions of political interests that block the possibility of enlightening and spiritual development of our people. An art exhibition on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, intended for all comers, was supposed to be held on January 27, the day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, but due to political “sharing”, it was postponed indefinitely.
On January 16, a ceremony was held in the parliament building, where representatives of Jewish communities, politicians and cultural figures gathered to light candles in honor of the exterminated people during the OneNews genocide.
At a memory ceremony, the leadership of our agency was told that we pursue personal goals in helping organizations of such events. Head Sergei Topchy answered that our main goal is to preserve memories of such a massive tragedy.
“I bring up three children, and my desire is to preserve the memory of the genocide of those times, so that they know and grow up with the understanding of what it once was. If you ask a child on the street now: “What is the Holocaust?”, – will he answer you in a row. With each generation, memory is increasingly lost, and this is our story, time is not from science fiction films, but the realities of what happened to the people. We must not forget this so that our children are never victims, executioners or indifferent observers. Therefore, when it comes to preserving the national memory and the proper education of our future generation, with whom we will live old age, I believe that political interests should fade into the background. “

Our news agency will continue the development of the project “MEMORY OF THE HOLOCAUST, UN – from the past to the future …” and the idea of ​​memory of the genocide to end the war on the example of this catastrophe. And we urge our readers to honor the minute of silence of the victims of the Holocaust on January 27 and share knowledge about the tragedy with the younger generation.
“OneNews” video from Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: