When will the Сinema Сіті cinema in the Ocean Plaza shopping center open and how to return the money for tickets



SEC Ocean Plaza after the breakthrough of the heating network in Kiev on Lybedskaya is still closed to visitors. The flood damaged the basement of the mall. All other shops and a cinema are ready to go, but depend only on the decision of the Ocean Plaza management.

It has been 18 hours since the breakthrough of the pipe, when the streets and the shopping center were flooded with boiling water. As a result of the accident, people were injured - 10 people received burns, and the basement and parking were flooded. On the street already rummaged all networks, repair work is underway. But so far there are no exact dates for the resumption of the mall.

As Tatyana Ushakova, the manager of the cinema chain of the Сinema City told the Informator, the cinema has already reimbursed all the money for tickets purchased online for yesterday’s sessions after 20:00 (all sessions that took place at the time of the movie’s evacuation at 20:55). Tickets purchased at the box office will be returned after the cinema is resumed - upon presentation of the ticket, check and if a passport is available, within 7 days after the cinema is resumed.

“For tickets purchased online, we return the money to all guests ourselves - this is for all today's sessions, except for two premieres. Today’s premiere of the film “My Little Thoughts” is being transferred to the Kievan Rus cinema ”). Now, the administrators are phoning the audience and talking about moving the venue of the premiere of “Moi Dumi Tikhi,” said Tatyana.

Tickets for the premiere of Moi Dumki Tikhi on January 14 can be exchanged in the lobby of the Kievan Rus cinema from 18:50. The presentation starts at 19:00, the session starts at 20:00.

We were also informed that the cinema has no damage and it is ready to open at any time with the permission of the mall.

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