Rating and anti-rating of Kiev schools according to the results of 2019



The site osvita.ua published a consolidated ranking of secondary schools in the capital for 2019. About which educational institutions of Kiev are the best according to the results of the VNO-2019 session, and which are the worst - read in the material.

The evaluation criteria for educational institutions were the average score of an external independent assessment in all subjects, the number of tests passed by students, as well as the percentage of passing / not passing UPE. The top five leaders are three lyceums. According to this, the top 20 secondary educational institutions of Kiev look like this:


Also, according to the results of the rating, twenty secondary educational institutions-outsiders were determined (from 435 to 455 places out of 455 places). Among them are mainly centers of vocational education in the city. In the last two educational institutions - the Kiev Higher Professional School of Construction and Architecture and the Kiev Professional Construction Lyceum - the level of passing the UPE for students is less than 50%.


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