Since 2020, Christmas bazaars will be banned in Kiev



There will be no more green cemeteries. Christmas bazaars, which were still held in the crowded places of the capital, will be a thing of the past. This was reported at a meeting of the Committee on the Development of Entrepreneurship and Communal Property, writes "Evening Kiev". The “Christmas tree” decision should be made at the nearest Public Council, which will be held at the Kyiv City State Administration.

Starting in December 2020, conifers will be sold only at agricultural fairs dedicated to preparing for the New Year and Christmas holidays.

In December 2019, there were over 100 legal points where conifers were sold.

- At least one thousand Christmas trees are brought from each point. On a Kiev scale, this is about 100,000 trees. But does the city need so many needles to celebrate the New Year? According to polls, most people use artificial Christmas trees, ”said committee chairman Alexander Lysenko.

Given the problem of "green cemeteries", the capital will prohibit the sale of Christmas trees along sidewalks, near metro stations and other crowded places.

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