5 people injured from a metro train collision in Naples



In Naples, about 7 wounds in the streets became more visible than three metro pulls to the station area.

About the price of "Europian Truth", according to ANSA agency.

Зіткнення has become a middling drawer, a kind of visizhdzhav on the platform 1 from the depot, a drawer, a kind of waiting for the train station. Into an accident, having incurred a third thrust, repetitions by passengers, aptly viruses from platform 2.

As a result, there are door-to-door carriages for cars.

A total of five people were delivered to the hospital, and two of them suffered. The doctors gave help to the first passengers on the spot - at bahochah people, they had a garden and a shock mill.

As a result of the accident, the bulletin of the road to one of the three streets of the metro station was closed. For evacuation injured boules close three closest stations.

Behind the foregoing, the cause of the litigation was a human repentance.

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