How a gluten free diet works



What is a gluten free diet

Gluten is a protein compound found in cereals and cereals: wheat, oats, rye, barley, as well as all products that are produced using white flour or wheat starch. Accordingly, a gluten-free diet is an exception to the diet of products containing gluten. This method of losing weight is often compared to carbohydrate-free, because it also prohibits high-calorie foods from wheat flour and emphasizes vegetables.

What foods are used

1. Fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

2. Buckwheat, rice, chickpeas, beans, lentils, soy.

3. Tofu, eggs, mushrooms, beans.

4. Dried fruits.

5. Raw pumpkin seeds, almond milk, sesame seeds.

6. Nuts: coconut, hazelnuts, walnuts, pinecones, cashews.

7. Fresh juices and natural coffee without flavors.

Prohibited Products

1. Bakery products.

2. Fast food.

3. Pancakes, pancakes.

4. Pasta.

5. Sweets.

6. Sauces, mayonnaise.

Harmful gluten free diet

A gluten-free diet does not directly harm the body. But the exclusion of cereal products from the diet means that a person ceases to consume not only gluten, but also many other components that make up cereals. The fact is that they also contain B vitamins. But they can be found in other products, so even giving up bread, you can balance your diet in another way.

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