Another failure near the shopping center Ocean Plaza



On the morning of Tuesday, January 14, in Kiev, on Antonovich Street, work was underway to eliminate the breakthrough of the heating main. Indeed, as a result of the incident, asphalt fell on the roadway and for this reason the road was blocked. But this failure was not the only one.

From the side of the Auchan entrance, the asphalt and part of the paving slabs in the pedestrian zone failed at night. The Informant learned about this at the scene in the morning.

Around 23:00 on January 13, there was no damage at this place. That is, the failure occurred between 23:00 and 07:00. Steam was actively coming from the pit. In addition, the cafe “Arugula”, which is located in the shopping center Ocean Plaza under unknown circumstances, broke glass. Utilities did not respond to our questions about this pit, at the moment they are busy eliminating a more global problem.

Fortunately, the area adjacent to the shopping center is fenced with tape. And the security of the shopping center is carefully watching that no one has made their way to the emergency site. Therefore, we hope that no one will suffer because of this failure. How deep the hole is, it is unclear, but at a distance of 15 meters its bottom is not visible. It is also unclear whether the city authorities are aware of the second failure and whether there are other failures.


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