In Kiev, a breakthrough in a pipe with boiling water: 7 injured in a hospital



In Kiev on the street Antonovich broke a pipe, filled with boiling water all the way, parking and the basement of the Ocean Plaza shopping center, the street was enveloped in smoke. Together with the asphalt, a bus with passengers failed. 10 people were injured, 7 of them in a hospital with burns.

Why the pipe broke on Lybedskaya is unknown. The pipe was installed in 1987, they were not going to change it, it was not in disrepair. The pipe belongs to the TEC-5 and in 2016 during the tests there was already a similar situation.

Meanwhile, the Kyiv City Hall said that all victims would be compensated for losses, but it’s too early to talk about the amounts. The residents and residents of the district did not turn off water and hot water. On the street Antonovich, which was completely blocked, is still undergoing repairs. By morning, they managed to cut a part of the pipe, which broke through to get in parts. In the Ocean Plaza shopping center, the water left by gravity, but it is closed for an indefinite time. When the consequences of the accident are completely eliminated, it is unknown.


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