Drunk fisherman swam into the forbidden zone of GES



In Vyshgorod, on the territory of the hydroelectric station, a fish protection patrol noticed a motor boat that penetrated into the restricted area of ​​the station. There was a man in her, whose condition aroused suspicion among the inspectors.

A water police with a drager was called in place. This was reported by the Informant with reference to the press service.

The device confirmed the suspicions of law enforcement: 1.19 ppm of blood alcohol was found in a fisherman. In addition, the man did not have with him documents to control the boat. A protocol was drawn up on him in part 6 of article 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (driving while intoxicated).

For such fishing tipsy, and even in the forbidden zone of the GES, a man faces a fine of one hundred and fifty tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (about 2500 hryvnias) or an administrative arrest for a period of ten to fifteen days.

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