Golden Raspberry Award Nominees Named



Among them are the owners of this Oscar.
The Golden Raspberry Fund, which annually presents its prize a day before the Oscars ceremony, a five-dollar plastic berry covered with gold spray paint, consists of 500 members from 12 countries who prefer to remain anonymous. The award almost copies the Academy Award nominations, but only with a minus sign - for example, not the “best movie”, but the “worst movie”, etc.

Hollywood "stars" often refer to the "Golden Raspberry" with humor. So, in 2010, Sandra Bullock simultaneously became the owner of both awards - however, for different films - and she came to receive both. She was awarded the Oscar for best actress in the sports drama The Invisible Side, Golden Raspberry for the worst actress in the comedy All About Steve.

Moreover, “Golden Raspberries” were received even by such cinema legends as Marlon Brando, Lawrence Olivier and Faye Dunaway. The fact is that good actors in this case, if they are to blame, it is only because, after reading the script, they agreed to the role - and the director disposes of what will eventually come out of it on the set. Of course, the "star" may be capricious - but then it will face a forfeit stipulated in the contract.

Perhaps that is why the list of worst actors and actresses among the Golden Raspberry 2020 nominees is replete with names that could also be included in the list of nominees for the Oscar. Among the actors are Keanu Reeves (“Reproduction”), Sylvester Stallone (“Rambo: Last Blood”), John Travolta (“Zealot”) and James Makevoy (“Glass”). Separately, we note Matthew McConaughey (Sea of ​​Temptation), who really has every chance of becoming a nominee for this year's Oscar for his role in the film Ford vs. Ferrari (Outsiders in the Ukrainian box office).

Among the actresses applying for “Golden Raspberry”, they stand out with the big names Demi Moore (“Corporate Animals”), Mila Jovovich (“Hellboy”) and Anne Hathaway, who was nominated for two films - “Fraudsters” and “Sea of ​​Temptation”. And here, just as among the actors, we separately note Francesca Hayward, who played in the musical “Cats” better than anyone, especially when you consider that she is not an actress, but a soloist of the London Royal Ballet - but the shadow of the film also fell on her.

But for films and directors, of course, there are no such excuses. And there one of the first contenders is the same “Cats” with which Rambo: Last Blood rivals (not quite, nevertheless, rightly), “Sea of ​​Temptation” and “Glass”. The remaining applicants are less known.

What is especially pleasing to the eye is the list of directors. Since “Cats” has every chance for “Golden Raspberries”, their director Tom Hooper, winner of the 2011 Oscars, has just the best director in the movie “The King Says!” Respectively. Only M. Knight Shyamalan with “Glass” can argue with him in fame on this list, who is generally considered a very good director, but at the same time regularly alternates good films with tapes that simply harvest Golden Raspberries. For example, his 2011 film The Elemental Master received as many as five such prizes.

The remaining names of the applicants will say little to the readers, so we will not, as the English philosopher Ockham bequeathed in the 14th century, multiply entities without the need.

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