About 200,000 people can evacuate due to volcano in Philippines



In the Philippines, the Taal volcano that threw a column of ash on Sunday can evacuate about 200,000 residents.
It is reported by Bloomberg.

"Officials ordered the closure of adjacent schools and government offices as soon as they began to evacuate thousands of people, warning that at least 200,000 people might be forced to leave their homes," the report said.

Evacuation began in parts of the Cavite province adjacent to the Taal volcano. In total, it is planned that the evacuation will be carried out in 11 cities.

Now the government of the Philippines has evacuated already eight thousand people, reports AP.

In Manila, the Nino Akinou International Airport was temporarily stopped; about 170 flights were canceled.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said that a dangerous eruption can occur both within a few hours and in a few days.

The danger level is increased to the fourth, last but one. The highest level of danger - the fifth - is announced just before the volcanic eruption.

The institute recommended that civil aviation authorities instruct aircraft to avoid airspace around the volcano.

Taal is an active volcano in the Philippines, a popular tourist attraction. Located on Luzon Island, 60 km south of the Philippines capital Manila.

A sudden eruption occurred on January 12. Ashfall and volcanic thunderstorms have been reported. Volcanologists have also warned of the danger of tsunamis.

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