The National Bank of Ukraine will sue Kolomoisky



This was reported by the Money Informant with reference to "New time. Business". What claims the NBU has against the oligarch - read the material.

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) plans to file a new lawsuit against Igor Kolomoisky in the amount of UAH 4.3 billion in order to recover accumulated debts under guarantee agreements.

In April 2019, Igor Kolomoisky filed 5 lawsuits in the Commercial Court of the city of Kiev on the invalidation of 5 refinancing agreements on loans in the amount of UAH 9.2 billion of Privatbank and surety agreements, which they provide and were concluded between the National Bank and Igor Kolomoisky.

Subsequently, by a resolution of 10.05.2019 in case 910/5172/19, all five lawsuits were merged into one legal proceeding. However, in making this decision, the trial court did not establish any time limits or restrictions for the submission of reviews or counterclaims to statements of claim that were combined into one proceeding.

Using its right to recover funds from Igor Kolomoisky under surety agreements, the National Bank filed a counterclaim in a joint court proceeding to additionally recover UAH 4.259 billion from Komolomoysky (inflation costs 3.499 billion and UAH 759.674 million - 3% per annum).

However, such a claim was returned by the Supreme Court of Ukraine to the National Bank. Recall that the NBU is also trying through the first instance of the Court of the Republic and the Canton of Geneva at the place of residence of Kolomoisky to collect debt from him as a financial guarantor to the NBU.

“In 2016, Kolomoisky, who at that time was a co-owner of a substantial share of PrivatBank, entered into surety agreements with the National Bank and personally committed to fulfilling the requirements of the National Bank to repay refinancing loans received by PrivatBank for the period 2008-2014. Both factually and legally Kolomoisky remains a debtor to the NBU on these PrivatBank loans, the debts on which today amount to UAH 9.2 billion, ”representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine explained last year the situation with filing lawsuits against a businessman in Switzerland.

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