На Троєщині горів Lada, в якій близько двох років проживав чоловік



On the night of Monday, January 13, a fire broke out in Kiev in Troieschyna. At 31 Zakrevskogo Street, the VAZ-2108 car caught fire. The car was parked in the yard for several years. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

The incident occurred around 03:30. The Informant reports this from the scene.

After receiving a message about sunbathing, 2 fire engines arrived to extinguish the fire. Rescuers eliminated the fire, but the front of the car burned down, the interior was smoked and side windows were broken. No one was injured in the fire. The owner of the car was not at the scene.

A friend of the owner of LADA, who saw a blazing car, said that the owner of the car lived in it for about 2 years, and all this time the car was in the same place in the courtyard. Inside, there were a lot of personal belongings and clothes of a man who are now scattered around the scene.

What caused the tanning is still unknown, but as a friend of the car owner said, it is possible that the arson could have been intentional. According to him, the owner of the car drank a lot and clashed with some people who hinted that something could happen with LADA soon.

The patrol police crew and employees of the State Emergency Service worked on the spot. Militiamen reported that no video surveillance cameras were installed at the scene. The causes of sunbathing cars continue to establish.

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