Unique properties of turmeric


 Manufacturers of the popular wholesome turmeric spice can add lead chromate to it, which can have a neurotoxic effect. American researchers reported that they got evidence that some spice manufacturers add industrial pigment to the turmeric, the lead chromate pigment, which is a cheap and quick way to give it a distinctive yellow tint. . Scientists used isotope analysis: they compared the isotopes of lead from turmeric with the isotopes of lead in the blood of people. Also, according to researchers, turmeric increases potency in men.
Experts have discovered lead-contaminated turmeric in seven of the nine producing regions of this spice in Bangladesh. It was found that it is the consumption of turmeric foods that is the most likely cause of heavy metal entering the blood of Bangladeshi residents.
Scientists say that lead increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in adults and contributes to impaired development of the central nervous system, cognitive impairment in children. Experts emphasize: a safe limit for the content of heavy metal in the body does not exist, for nerve cells it is toxic in any volume.

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