Agatha Christie's Memorial Day



January 12, 1976 did not become the legendary Agatha Christie. Masters of detective prose are no more than 40 years old, but the twisted plots of her novels remain eternal.

Christie is one of the most famous authors of detective works in the world, her novels have become one of the most published in the entire history of mankind. The writer's books have been published in more than 4 billion copies and translated into more than 100 languages ​​of the world.

On Memorial Day of Agatha Christie, LeMonade chose the wisest quotes of a world legend.

“Freedom is worth fighting for.”

“You notice the really important moments of your life too late.”

“Never do for yourself what others can do for you.”

“Pretending you know something is harder than knowing it.”

“Conversations are invented to stop people from thinking.”

“The illusion that a woman can turn a prank on the path of virtue is one of the sweetest female illusions of all time.”

“A little bit of slander gives life a piquant poignancy.”

“In ninety-nine cases, women act like fools, but on the hundredth they turn out to be more cunning than men.”

“Nothing weighs more than devotion.”

“Every killer is probably someone's good friend.”

“Never go back to where you were happy. Until you do this, everything remains alive in your memory. If you find yourself there again, everything is destroyed. ”

“Only in those moments when you see people funny do you really understand how much you love them!”

“A smart person keeps his thoughts to himself.”

“The fact that the alarm clock did not ring has already changed many human destinies.”

“Never think that you better understand what other people need.”

“Evil done by man often outlives himself.”

“Strange, women are prettier in love, and men look like sick sheep.”

“If your dreams are not destined to come true, it’s far better to recognize this in time and move on, rather than focusing on broken hopes and hopes.”

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