The capital was suddenly "attacked" by a poisonous cloud



On Saturday, January 11, Kiev and part of the Kiev region were covered by a cloud of carbon monoxide. It is very dangerous to breathe this air. This was announced on the page on the social network Facebook by the chairman of the ZhKI committee, improvement, ecology and environmental protection of the Public Council at the Kyiv City State Administration, Oleg Popenko.

"Over Ukraine, again the highest concentration of CO in the world is comparable to the industrial regions of China or the New York metropolitan area! It covered the same as in October half the country - from Kiev to Kharkov, from Vinnitsa to Mariupol. Again history repeats itself, and again our Hydrometeorological Center "Half of the territory of Ukraine is covered with a huge cloud of CO concentration, and Ukrainians have no information about what they breathe," he wrote.

In turn, the head of the State Food and Beverage Service of Kiev Oleg Ruban said that air measurements were taken and the devices recorded excess of dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide in only 3 places, namely on Bessarabskaya Square, Demeevskaya Square and Obolonsky Prospekt.


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