Iran agreed to all conditions of Zelensky



It is a full plea of ​​guilt and payment of compensation.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held a telephone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The conversation was initiated by the Iranian side. This was reported by the press service of the Ukrainian president.

Hassan Rouhani expressed his condolences to the Ukrainian people and the families of those killed in the crash of UIA PS752 flight. He apologized to the Iranian side for the tragedy that claimed 176 lives. The head of Iran fully admits that the tragedy occurred due to erroneous actions of the military of this country.

Official Tehran assured that all those involved in the crash will be held accountable, and the Ukrainian expert group will be provided with all the necessary support for further effective cooperation in the legal and technical fields.

The President of Ukraine noted that it is necessary to identify and return the bodies of Ukrainian citizens to their homeland as soon as possible.

“It is extremely important for us that next week - until January 19 - the bodies of the dead be returned to Ukraine so that their relatives can say goodbye to them,” Zelensky emphasized.

Rouhani assured that he would give relevant instructions tonight so that the repatriation of the bodies took place as quickly as possible.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will also send Iran a note with a clear list of all subsequent steps, including the legal aspects of the settlement of the issue of compensation. “The Iranian side agrees with Ukraine on this issue,” the office’s press service added.

Thus, the President of Iran agreed to all the conditions of the President of Ukraine. On the morning of January 11, Vladimir Zelensky named five points that Ukraine expects from Iran.

“We expect Iran to be ready for a full and open investigation, bringing the perpetrators to justice, returning the bodies of the dead, paying compensation and an official apology through diplomatic channels,” Zelensky said.

Accident in Tehran

Recall, the passenger plane Boeing 737, owned by the Ukrainian airline UIA, crashed in Tehran on January 8. The accident killed 167 passengers and 9 crew members - these are citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Germany and the UK.

On Saturday, January 11, Iran officially recognized that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by a rocket. The military said that at the time of the tragedy, the passenger airliner was near an important military facility - it was mistaken for an “enemy target”. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the incident a tragic incident and a catastrophic mistake. Rouhani expressed deep condolences to the relatives of the victims and promised to continue the investigation in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

According to the commander of the military-space forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizade, Iran’s air defense system mistook the Ukrainian plane for a cruise missile, and communication at that moment was faulty.

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