Extend the exhibition at the station Ukraine WOW



At the end of 2019, in Kiev, in the building of the Central Railway Station, the exhibition Ukraine WOW opened. The venue for the exhibition was not chosen by chance, because it allows you to travel around Ukraine without leaving the premises.

Now, on this journey, you can go for another whole one and a half months. This was reported by the Informant with reference to the organizers.

The fact is that the exhibition was truly successful - since the beginning of December, more than 150 thousand people have already visited it, and many more Ukrainians have left requests to extend the work of Ukraine WOW. At the same time, the already huge exposition (its area is 3,900 square meters) will surprise with new products.

Among them, the authors highlight the opportunity for anyone who wants to manage one of the largest installations of the entire exhibition - a diorama with an area of ​​more than 250 square meters. And this, for a second, is the ability to run trains, turn on a lighthouse or windmills. Another new product of Ukraine WOW is entering the ring with Alexander Usik himself. You can do this with VR glasses.

Recall that the exhibition works as if visitors are traveling on a train around Ukraine. The giant territory is divided into seven zones, in each of which you can learn something new about the country. Also, Ukraine WOW is an opportunity to see unique exhibits (the last self-portrait of Kazimir Malevich or sculptures by Alexander Arkhipenko) or to see incredible installations. For example, the heart of Ukraine, which beats more often when you are near, or a hand-painted pink carriage in which dreams and dreams sound, or a wall of 100 kilograms of amber.

Where: Central Railway Station, 14 gauge

When: until February 29 from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 - 20:00

Price: 50 UAH. Free for children under 12 years of age, retirees or combatants with certificates.

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